Criteria for Workshop Levels
  • BEGINNER LAP -- Players will learn tuning, fret
    numbering, strumming patterns, other basic skills, useful
    hints and simple melodies to help them get started.   Only
    true beginners should take this course.
  • NOVICE LAP--Players should understand numbering of
    the frets and reading of tablature (or play by ear), be able to
    tune the instrument themselves, and be able to strum.
  • INTERMEDIATE LAP--Players should understand
    chord positions for basic chording as part of the melody or
    in playing backup.   They should be able to easily read
    tablature (or play by ear) and understand hammer ons and
    pull offs.
  • ADVANCED LAP--Players will be exposed to complex
    song arrangements.  Participants should be completely
    familiar with chord configuration all along the fret board.  
    These classes will proceed at a pace at the instructor's
    discretion, so you will need to be advanced enough to keep
    up with the instruction.
  • NOVICE HAMMERED -- Players should be familiar
    with the layout of the instrument, and be ready to learn
    techniques of hammer use and chords.
  • INTERMEDIATE HAMMERED--Players should be
    able to play many tunes (up to speed) from memory and are
    beginning to embellish and arrange.  
  • ADVANCED HAMMERED--Players should be very
    familiar with chord structure, are confident with embellishing
    and arranging, and feel comfortable that they can "keep up"!!