Recent Activities

KADC Annual Picnic 

Phyllis Woods Brown

We had our annual club picnic on Saturday, October 2, on the shores of Tellico Lake in Tellico Village.    Phyllis Woods Brown was our guest instructor for the day.  She had composed a new waltz which she taught to all attendees of the picnic.   This tune is to be a gift to KADC so we may name it whatever we like.     

Below is the link to hear club members play the tune following Saturday’s workshop.    Since it is a waltz, it should probably be played a little faster than this; however, it sounds quite lovely at this speed too.   

If you did not attend the picnic, you may get the tab and/or notation on the Members Only Page.    

Link to hear the tune:

Here are the titles that have been suggested by club members.   We now ask that you vote for the title that you like the best.   

Waltz of the Mountain Water Falls    
Tennessee Heartbreak Waltz
Tugaloo Waltz
Fried Chicken Waltz
Black Bear Waltz
Blessing on the Water
KADC Waltz
The Bill Taylor Waltz
Phyllis’ Waltz
Tellico Waltz 

Please email your vote to Mary Mixon by November 1.    The winner will be announced at the November 14th club meeting.   

STORYTELLING FESTIVAL – We had nine members show up for playing at the Storytelling Festival on Saturday, September 18, 2021.     Rudy Ryan spent the day teaching people who had an interest in learning to how to play the mountain dulcimer while the other eight played for a small walk-by audience.    As it was in April at Spring Planting Day, the event was hampered by passing rain showers, however, we all had a good time.    Below are a couple videos of us playing. 

Click below for Fiddler Has Played His Last Tune


Click here to sign up for playouts.

Upcoming 2021 Dulcimer Events

Upcoming Festivals

NGFDA 2nd Virtual Fall Festival – November 18-20, 2021        There will be 405 workshops offered by 50 instructors with a 35 person limit on each workshop.  Concerts every night.    Workshops are now listed on the website.   Check out these great offerings!!!    Registration is open until November 12!

For more information go to

Tickets are now on sale for Blackberry Winter, a mountain dulcimer concerto, to be played in concert by the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra with Stephen Seifert on Sunday, April 3, 2022 at the Bijou Theatre.    You can CLICK HERE to purchase tickets. 

See more dulcimer events in the September newsletter.